Our specialty clamps and when to use them.

At Pony Jorgensen, we’ve made a name for ourselves manufacturing high-quality clamps for avid woodworkers. Our heaviest-duty clamps can apply almost 10,000 pounds of pressure, and we offer a range of products perfect for niche uses. At some point, you might have wondered what exactly is so special about Pony Jorgensen’s line of specialty clamps. We decided it’s about time we explain some of the best uses for our specialty clamps.

Jorgensen Classic adjustable handscrew

Classic adjustable handscrew
Seasoned Hardwood Seasoned Hardwood
Cold-Drawn Screw Cold-Drawn Screw

Best for:

  • Unusually shaped pieces
  • Delicate surfaces
  • Stabilizing wood on a sawhorse

Our adjustable handscrew is made to deliver optimal strength at any angle. Composed of straight‑grain maple and steel spindles and nuts, the classic Jorgensen adjustable handscrew is ideal for projects that need a wide distribution of pressure and a broad reach. The jaw angle of this handscrew can be adjusted for any project, making it the clamp of choice for tasks that include unusually shaped surfaces. These clamps were designed to be applied and removed with ease, as well as to protect against marring on delicate surfaces. This handscrew is a welcomed addition to any crafter’s tool kit.

Pony Cabinet claw

Cabinet claw
Aluminum Claws Aluminum Claws
Patented Feature Patented Feature

Best for:

  • Face‑frame cabinet installation
  • Cabinetmaking (obviously)

As its name suggests, the patented Pony cabinet claw is a great clamp to use when performing cabinetry work. The aluminum claws and alignment plate are perfect for the multiple steps in face‑frame cabinet creation and installation. The claws and alignment plate are protected with rubber pads, so you don’t have to worry about damage from these convenient clamps.

Pony Three-way edging clamp

Three-way edging clamp
Cast Iron Cast Iron

Best for:

  • Molding
  • Trim
  • Counter edging

It can be difficult to effectively clamp and apply even pressure when working on decorative molding, trim, or counter edging. Enter the Pony three‑way edging clamp. This durable, cast‑iron clamp is designed specifically for molding and veneer strip work. It applies right‑angle pressure on any edge or workpiece, allowing talented craftspeople to keep their mind on their task.

Pony Hold-down clamp

Hold-down clamp
Square-Head Screw Square-Head Screw

Best for:

  • Projects requiring a miter saw
  • Any workspace with a machine bolt or T‑slot anchor

If you need a clamp that performs equally well on a bench or a machine‑table, you’ll want the Pony hold‑down clamp. Wood or metal surfaces that can hold a machine bolt or T‑slot are perfect for anchoring the holding bolt. The clamp has a full 360‑degree rotation, allowing for virtually infinite positioning possibilities for your next woodworking project. The Pony hold‑down clamp has a smaller opening than the Pony bench hold‑down clamp but has a stronger clamping force. Use when you need to apply significant force without the strain.

Pony Bench hold-down clamp

Bench hold-down clamp
Solid Iron Solid Iron

Best for:

  • Workbench projects

The Pony bench hold‑down clamp is a convenient asset for any workshop. This solid‑iron tool is made to outlast you on any given task, and its versatile design means you can use it on benchtop‑based projects. Just place it in a predrilled hole on the benchtop and you’re ready to get clamping. While it can’t apply as much pressure as the Pony hold‑down clamp, this tool has a wider reach to hold larger objects in place.

Pony Press screws

Press screws
Cast Iron Cast Iron
Cold-Drawn Screw Cold-Drawn Screw

Best for:

  • Veneering frames
  • Deep‑reach surface clamping

Love to veneer frames? You’ll want some Pony press screws. These heavy‑duty press screws have removable swivels for easy installation, and the threaded bushings are designed to fit into a one‑inch hole. They’re made with cold‑drawn steel, and they’re great for projects that need deep‑reach surface clamping.

Ready to get to work?

As an avid woodworker, you’ll want to be prepared to create anything at a moment’s notice, whether it’s a stage for your kid’s play, or a present for the person who has everything. Stock up on quality tools and clamps from Pony Jorgensen so that you’re ready for anything.

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