Woodworkers holiday gift guide.

This holiday season, we’re drumming up some gift-giving inspiration for the woodworker friends and family in your life. From stocking stuffers like the classic spring clamp, to industrial-grade gifts for professionals, to niche cabinetmaking products, we have something for every type of woodworker on your list.


The casual maker.

Tackle any light home project with these tools built for woodworkers of all levels.

Classic spring clamp: Give your casual carpenter the ability to clamp virtually anything with our classic spring clamps. Instant, easy application and removal means it’s the perfect choice to help hold things together with minimal effort.

 Light-duty clamp-on vise: Lightweight, portable, and designed for smooth operation. Gift this light-duty clamp-on vise to your favorite maker and watch as they conquer their next project with ease.

E-Z HOLD hobby bar clamp: Know somebody whose dedication to woodworking goes beyond the average hobby? E-Z HOLD bar clamps are the perfect choice for that sometimes-hobby/sometimes-not type of woodworker on your list.


The weekend woodworker. 

We call them weekend woodworkers, but that doesn’t mean they take the weekdays off. These tools are perfect for light- and medium-duty projects.

Classic band clamp: Spread holiday cheer with a rapid-acting band clamp that allows your weekend woodworker to complete a wide range of irregularly shaped projects and specific applications, like picture frames, joints, and furniture.

E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamp: A serious workhorse for serious woodworkers and beginners alike. This bar clamp allows for easy one-handed clamping – leaving the woodworker on your list free to high-five you when you gift them this versatile clamp.

Woodworker’s vise: As much of a gift for your woodworker’s workbench as it is for them. This vise is strong enough for light- and medium-duty applications.


The craftsperson.

Get in the spirit with gifts that go beyond. Made for the professional carpenter in your life and perfect for at-home or on-the-job carpentry projects that demand heavy-duty performance.

Professional pipe clamp fixture: Our original pipe clamp fixture – but with a heavy-duty twist. Works hard on demanding jobs and industrial applications, so your craftsperson can clamp the toughest of projects.

Industrial steel I-bar clamp: A bar clamp that’s built as strong as the professional woodworker handling it. From commercial woodworking to metalworking factories, welding applications, and other serious carpentry applications, this clamp withstands it all.

Heavy-duty workshop bench vise: Give your professional tradesperson a heavy-duty vise for a light-duty price. Plus, with features like replaceable hardened-steel serrated jaw faces, permanent pipe jaws, and large forming horns, this vise is about as hardcore as they come.


The cabinetmakers.

For the special carpenter who thrives in custom cabinetry, these tools were made to create cabinet builds and built-ins, including shelving units and cabinets.

Cabinet claw: Give your cabinetmaker our cabinet claw and they’ll be able to complete their cabinetry projects in a fraction of the time. It combines all the steps of face-frame cabinet installation into one easy process.

Cabinet Master 90° parallel jaw bar clamp: For those who are masters of their craft. Our Cabinet Master is a built-in clamp stand that allows for one-handed use and quicker sliding-head adjustment. Simply put, this will become your cabinetmaker’s new best friend.

Angle clamp with table clamps: A necessity for anyone who has ever framed or assembled a cabinet or built-in unit. Our angle clamp with table clamps lets any cabinetmaker easily frame up and assemble projects.

Want to see more of our products? Check out our collection and discover even more ways to give the gift of Pony Jorgensen this year.

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