Jorgensen 5in. Pro Double Edge Flush Cut Saw

Japanese saws are the best known pull saws. Unlike most traditional European saws that cut on the push stroke, Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke. This also permits the use of a thinner, harder steel that produces thinner kerfs, a smoother cut, and better control. Pull Saws are lightweight hand saws that are designed for precision cutting with minimal effort.

The All New Jorgensen Professional Pull Saws are a cut above the competition. Made of premium, heat treated SK5 Japanese steel, cutting has never been faster or smoother. The Jorgensen Pro Double Edge Flush Cut Saw is ideal for cutting dowels, pegs, tenons or anything right up against another surface.

Unique Geometric Teeth Design: Unique saw teeth are designed for faster and smoother cuts.

Premium Steel: Premium SK5 Japanese steel for great durability.

Advanced Heat Treatment: Special induction hardened teeth stay sharper for longer than the competition.

Precision Cuts: Extra thin 0.4mm blade is ideal for precision cuts and narrow kerfs.

Product # Blade Length Pitch Thickness Kerf
#70628 5" 125mm 1.4mm, (18tpi) & 1.0mm (25tpi) 0.4mm 0.4mm


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