Jorgensen Cutting rail guide

Rigid Aluminum Rigid Aluminum

Jorgensen’s 50‑inch cutting guide is made of rigid aluminum and will give your workpiece that professional‑quality look. Best suited for use with jigsaws, circular saws, routers, and other portable power tools, this cutting guide will give you straight, accurate cuts up to 50 inches long. It clamps right onto your work surface with a handle‑locking mechanism, and features a ruler on top to ensure precise cuts. For workpieces longer than 50 inches, Jorgensen offers the 50‑inch cutting guide extension rail, which easily attaches to the cutting guide, allowing you to clamp to a 100‑inch surface.

Product # Product Length Total Clamping Length Note
#97100 50" 50"
#97050 50" 100" Extension rail only


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