pony carriage c clamp. pony jorgensen c-clamps

Pony carriage C-clamp

  • Cast Iron
  • Zinc Plated
  • Cold-Drawn Screw
pony carriage c clamp. pony jorgensen c-clamps

Pony’s heavy-duty carriage C-clamps are the most universally used general-purpose C-clamps for regular-duty industrial service. Clamp frames are liberally proportioned and heat treated for maximum strength, and ribbed to resist side strain. Longer frame hubs combined with a copper-coated screw with special, smoothly cut acme square threads ensure lasting durability. Black-powder-coated castings.

Product NumberMax OpeningClamping ForceDepth of Throat
1022 1/2 in.1,400 lb.1 3/4 in.
1033 in.1,800 lb.1 7/8 in.
1044 in.2,400 lb.2 1/8 in.
1055 in.2,400 lb.2 1/2 in.
1066 in.2,400 lb.2 3/4 in.
1088 in.2,400 lb.3 1/4 in.
11010 in.2,400 lb.3 5/8 in.
11212 in.2,400 lb.3 5/8 in.

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