Jorgensen Woodworking Chisels

The Jorgensen wood chisel is designed for professional or DIY users. The handle is ergonomically constructed for comfort, with a durable metal cap for striking and driving the chisel blade. The carbon steel blade is tempered and hardened to ensure a long‑lasting edge, and lacquered to protect against corrosion.Available in variable sizes.


  • High‑carbon steel for long‑lasting cutting life
  • Longer tang for unbeatable strength and durability
  • Butyrate handle with soft grip for reducing fatigue
  • Large metal striking end cap, easy to be hit
Product # Width Handle
#70408 2" Butyrate Handle
#70407 1-12" Butyrate Handle
#70406 1-14" Butyrate Handle
#70405 1" Butyrate Handle
#70404 34" Butyrate Handle
#70402 12" Butyrate Handle
#70400 14" Butyrate Handle


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