Know your clamps: Jorgensen bar clamps.

Woodworking is a passion that many creative, smart, hardworking people share as either a career or a fulfilling hobby. Many of these passionate people speak of the journey they take in woodworking. They focus on the finished product, but it’s the small accomplishments they achieve along the way that really feed their passion. Each small obstacle that needs to be overcome – as well as the feeling of achievement when this happens – continually motivates creative people to persevere. Pony Jorgensen has been helping woodworkers overcome these obstacles for more than 100 years.

Woodworking clamps, especially Jorgensen bar clamps, are the tried and true “extra pair of hands” that every seasoned carpenter or DIY woodworker needs to assist during critical points in woodworking projects like nailing, sanding, and gluing. Known primarily for their uses in cabinetmaking, edge‑gluing, and general carpentry, Jorgensen bar clamps have many uses in metalworking as well. Whether it’s a need for a deeper reach, rust resistance, or maximum clamping pressure, there’s a Pony clamp available for almost any application. In this article, we’ll introduce some of the most popular Pony Jorgensen bar clamps, along with their specs and most practical uses.

Jorgensen bar clamps.

Jorgensen Steel bar clamp

Steel bar clamp
Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
Cold-Drawn Screw Cold-Drawn Screw
Multiple-Disc Clutch Multiple-Disc Clutch

Our bar clamps are made of high‑quality steel and aluminum. The most significant feature they boast is strength – they are seriously strong. They’re perfect for industrial, commercial, and DIY applications. As a result, they are ubiquitous in shops of DIYers, hobbyists, carpenters, cabinetmakers, woodworkers, and metalworkers. Consider the Jorgensen steel bar clamp, for instance. It packs a whopping 100,000 lb. per square inch of tensile strength. Crafted from strong, lightweight steel bars and with a multiple‑disc‑clutch design, these clamps ensure a stable clamping surface at any point along the bar.

Jorgensen Deep-reach throat bar clamp

Deep-reach throat bar clamp
Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
Copper Plated Copper Plated
Cold-Drawn Screw Cold-Drawn Screw
Multiple-Disc Clutch Multiple-Disc Clutch

Jorgensen deep‑reach throat bar clamps are also worthy of attention. These are ideal for projects that call for a deeper reach. They’re made of durable high‑carbon steel, cold‑drawn screws, and a multiple‑disc clutch. Then there’s the reach they offer. Based on the project at hand, choose from the five‑inch, seven‑inch, and nine‑inch reaches. Not only are the Jorgensen deep‑reach throat bar clamps perfect for woodworking projects, but also the copper‑plated screws, handles, and swivels make these clamps practical for metalwork as well, helping to protect against spatter in welding jobs. With 1,200 lb. of clamping force, a variable reach based on the project, and a soft grip, the deep‑reach throat bar clamp is the go‑to clamp for the project that calls for a little extra reach.

Jorgensen E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamp

E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamp
Patented Feature Patented Feature
Ergonomic Grip Ergonomic Grip

When you need a built‑in handle right on your bar clamp for easy‑on/easy‑off access, turn to the Jorgensen E‑Z HOLD expandable bar clamp to get the job done. This bar clamp allows for quick and easy clamping and can be converted to spreader clamps with ease. With the option of light or medium duty depending on the job, the Jorgensen E‑Z HOLD expandable bar clamp has 300 lb. of clamping force, variable maximum openings, and either a 2 12 in. (light duty) or a 3 38 in. (medium duty) reach. Another unique feature of this clamp is the ability to combine two clamps together to create more than double the opening capacity of a single clamp. Because protecting your work is essential when using clamps, the Jorgensen E‑Z HOLD expandable bar clamp also comes with deep‑reach pads to give you that extra layer of protection against scratches, dents, and gouges.

With more than 100 years of servicing our customers and listening to their needs, Pony Jorgensen works hard to continually push innovation and improve our clamps. For example, the Jorgensen Cabinet Master 90° parallel jaw bar clamp was created to fit an extremely niche need of cabinetmakers. The large plastic jaws evenly distribute clamping pressure over wide areas, and they stay parallel to ensure square corners and prevent workpieces from bowing or lifting. The built‑in clamp stand allows for one‑handed use and access to make quicker sliding‑head adjustments when required. With 1,500 lb. of clamping force, a 3 78 in. reach, and soft handles, it’s no wonder many cabinetmakers call on the Jorgensen Cabinet Master 90° parallel jaw bar clamp time and again.

Jorgensen Industrial steel I-bar clamp

Industrial steel I-bar clamp
Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
Cold-Drawn Screw Cold-Drawn Screw
Multiple-Disc Clutch Multiple-Disc Clutch

With all the high‑quality bar clamps Pony Jorgensen provides, it might be difficult to settle on one. If this is the case for you, consider choosing the most popular heavy‑duty steel bar clamp on the market today – the Jorgensen industrial steel I‑bar clamp. The design of this clamp is what sets it apart from other bar clamps. The special steel I‑bar design is tremendously strong and stiff, and the clamp head is fixed for maximum resilience. With 7,000 lb. of clamping force, a 1 34 in. reach, and a crank handle, the Jorgensen industrial steel I‑bar clamp is built to withstand daily use and is a perfect choice for commercial woodworking operations, metalworking factories, welding applications, and serious woodworking applications.

Jorgensen Drop-forged heavy-duty bar clamp

Drop-forged heavy-duty bar clamp
Drop-Forged Steel Drop-Forged Steel
Chrome Plated Chrome Plated

Most carpenters and DIYers make their clamp choices based on a couple of major factors, like clamping pressure and the size of the job. But if your main use is outdoors or in damp locations, you might want to consider using the Jorgensen drop‑forged heavy‑duty bar clamp. The drop‑forged steel bar on this clamp is chrome plated specifically to ward off rust for as long as possible. The Jorgensen drop‑forged heavy‑duty bar clamp has a steel sliding pin handle and between 450 and 1,000 lb. of clamping force. It’s the clamp of choice for plumbers and anyone who works outdoors in the elements.

We hope you’re now fully versed in the different Jorgensen bar clamps available to you. By listening to customers and innovating based on that feedback, Pony Jorgensen has been able to provide the right clamps for the job for more than a century. This dedication to innovative products, coupled with top‑notch customer service, is what has carpentry pros and hobbyists coming back to Pony Jorgensen time after time.

There are many more clamps where these came from. View all our products or contact us to learn more.

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