classic pony light-duty c clamp. pony jorgensen c-clamps

Classic Pony light-duty C-clamp

  • Cast Iron
  • Zinc Plated
classic pony light-duty c clamp. pony jorgensen c-clamps

Discover America’s most popular and complete line of light-duty C-clamps. The smoothly cut, acme-threaded steel screw is zinc plated and protected with a black finish for lasting durability. And the clamp casting is made with ductile iron for strength before receiving a powder-coated Pony-orange finish. Available in a wide variety of sizes and clamping forces, all with full-closing screws.

Product NumberMax OpeningClamping ForceReach
1440-C4 in.1,200 lb.3 in.
1450-C5 in.1,200 lb.3 1/4 in.
1460-C6 in.1,200 lb.3 1/2 in.
1480-C8 in.1,200 lb.4 in.
Product NumberMax OpeningClamping ForceReach
26101 in.400 lb.1 in.
26151 1/2 in.400 lb.1 1/2 in.
26202 in.400 lb.1 in.
26222 1/2 in.600 lb.1 3/8 in.
26252 1/2 in.600 lb.2 1/2 in.
26303 in.800 lb.2 in.
26404 in.800 lb.3 in.
26505 in.1,000 lb.3 1/4 in.
26606 in.1,000 lb.3 1/2 in.
26808 in.1,000 lb4 in.

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