Pony High stance pipe clamp fixture

Cast Iron Cast Iron
Multiple-Disc Clutch Multiple-Disc Clutch
Acme-Thread Screw Acme-Thread Screw

The Pony high stance pipe clamp fixture provides superior clearance from the work surface to allow the crank handle to clear the workstation when opening and closing the clamp. No need to position clamp handle off edge of bench. It is one of the handiest tool in any workshop. Our original steel multiple‑disc‑clutch design allows a secure hold and instant adjustment at any point along the pipe, without fear of slipping or pipe crushing. Use any length of 34″‑14 NPT pipe, as long as the pipe is seven inches longer than your workpiece. Crafted with strong, durable iron casting.

Product # Handle Pipe Used
#50P Crank 34"-14 NPT Pipe

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